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Welcome to The Red Piano Too Art Gallery! 

Our gallery is located on St. Helena Island, Highway 21 South, just 10 minutes from downtown Beaufort, SC. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sundays
1:00 PM to 4:30

About the Gallery

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Now approaching its 22nd year, The Red Piano Too Art Gallery is on historic and picturesque St. Helena Island, in the renovated, original Corner Co-op building. The gallery is one-quarter mile from the National Historic Landmark District that is Penn Center. The gallery collection represents the work of over 150 artists - folk, fine and craft, past and present.

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The Corner Community and the original Corner Store are named after the Corner Plantation. This store was the first store in South Carolina to pay people of color with money rather than barter for goods. There was no sharecropping on St. Helena Island; this resulted in an economic vibrancy unknown in other parts of the rural South. The people who were formerly enslaves had purchased their land through The Reconstruction Policy. Land ownership is a hallmark of the native Gullah people.

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The Red Piano Too Gallery is located in a 2,400 sq. foot building which was originally built about 1940. The structure was renovated in 1999. African-American landowners and farmers founded the Co-operative after studying land use and agricultural techniques at Penn School. Penn School was the only school for freed former slaves that survived reconstruction. These island leaders from Penn School, traveled to Nova Scotia, Canada where they learned about agricultural Co-operatives from Canadian farmers. The purpose of the Co-operative was to provide a market for the Island's agricultural products, and to provide, at a reasonable price, materials and supplies to area farmers. It was the first agricultural Co-operative of its kind in South Carolina.

We carry a number of books and other materials relating to the Gullah culture. Our gallery is often described as a museum. Clients tell us it is always an exciting experience to visit The Red Piano Too
Art Gallery.

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